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About Deepfakes

A deepfake is a video that uses artificial intelligence to put the face of one person onto the body of another. It’s a form of digital manipulation, and it can be used in a variety of ways: to make celebrities appear in music videos or movies they didn’t film; to put politicians’ faces into pornographic films; or even as a prank video.

The term “deepfake,” which was coined in 2017, refers specifically to high-quality videos created using machine learning technology that results in near-perfect overlays and audio syncing—but more generally speaking, any fake video could fall under this category. Some people use deepfakes for harmless purposes like making parodies or memes and sharing them online—but others have used them for malicious purposes such as blackmailing their targets by threatening the release of an embarrassing but fake image or recording session from their past (unless they pay up).

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Who is at risk of having their likeness used in deepfake videos?

The truth is that anyone can be the victim of a deepfake video. Whether you are a celebrity or an average citizen, you may experience being the subject of this new form of content creation. However, there are some people who often end up being targeted by these videos more than others: politicians, celebrities and social media influencers.

Deepfake Removal Service

While it’s legal to create deepfakes in the U.S., that’s not true for every country. For example, while you can legally make a fake video or image using deepfake software here in America, it’s illegal to do so in the United Kingdom and Germany.

While the technology behind deepfakes is new, there are already laws in place to prevent them from being used maliciously also a few laws are in the process. The question remains whether these laws will be enforced.

We from Sidenty offer now our Deepfake removal service. Our specialists will try to remove your content from websites, social media, and search engines.

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