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Who We Are

Sidenty is a company established by a trained team of legal experts and advisors specialized in removing illegal content. We are here to help you protect your identity. We work in 3 simple steps: Check, analyze and remove. 

We are firm believers in protecting your identity. Sidenty goes to the last stretch with our juridical team to give you back your privacy and to keep protecting what belongs to you: Your Identity! 

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Why Choose Us?

All of our work is done manually by our trained legal team of experts. We do this to guarantee maximum removal, this way we know that all of your content is protected. 

Sidenty is here to meet your wants and needs, and to be able to do this we run a scan and discuss with you what the best option is for you as a customer, ensuring you that we will do everything we can to protect what is most valuable to you: Your Identity!

You can contact us 24/7. We are here for you!


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