We help you protect your identity

We are firm believers in protecting your identity. Our unwavering dedication to working hand-in-hand with our legal team underscores our commitment to providing you with top-notch services aimed at protecting your identity and intellectual property.

Software Protection

Protect your software against cracks and nulled versions.

Website Protection

Protect your website against illegal use of your images/videos.

Model Content Protection

Protect your copyrighted work with our special created service for creators.

Deepfake removal service

Found a deep fake of yourself or interested in protection?

About Us

At Sidenty we are on a steadfast mission to safeguard your digital identity and protect your intellectual property. Our commitment is rooted in providing comprehensive solutions to prevent the infringement of patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

What sets us apart is our seasoned team of legal experts and advisors. With extensive experience, they are dedicated to assisting clients in preserving their identities and safeguarding their intellectual property. We take immense pride in our collaborative and discreet approach, working diligently to restore privacy and protect what rightfully belongs to our clients.

Successfully copyrighted content removed from

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Success rate in removals
Sidenty's website removal service boasts an impressive success rate, ensuring your online presence is effectively and reliably protected.

What sets us apart

We understand that privacy is a huge concern. We also know that learning how to protect yourself from the people who may be trying to steal your identity is a difficult case.

That’s why we’ve created our company: to take care of your needs for protecting your personal information and identity. All of our work is done manually by our trained legal team of experts, who are ready to help you remove any content that might hurt your reputation or affect your business.

We run a scan and discuss the best option for you as a customer, ensuring you that we will do everything we can to protect what is most valuable to you.

Customized Full Service

Sidenty delivers a fully managed service that takes the hassle out of safeguarding your digital content. Our dedicated personal agents are at your disposal, offering customized support and guidance to meet your unique needs. With our user-friendly dashboard, you can easily track content removals, create support tickets, and stay up-to-date on any legal cases involving your digital assets. We seamlessly manage content monitoring, process takedown requests, and provide robust legal support. This comprehensive approach frees you to concentrate on what you do best: creating content, knowing that Sidenty has your back, ensuring your digital assets remain secure and protected.