About Us

About Sidenty

We’re a company started by juridical agents in 2017, and we’ve been working hard ever since to bring you the best service possible. We started with a single request for help, and now we’re a large international company with clients all over the world. Based out of The Netherlands, we work hard to give you the privacy you deserve.

We understand that protecting access to technology is central to advancing freedom for all—even in the fledgling days of the Internet, we knew this was important. That’s why we use our fiercely independent voice to clear and protect the digital world so you can have peace of mind when using technology.

We stand for singularity, integrity, dependency, energy, neatness, and transparency. We will never let these values go out of style!

Our Approach

We approach each client with a full coverage of services. Each client has different needs and wants, so we discuss the options available to them.

We create a safe environment for our clients. We keep close contact with them so they can contact us for whatever they need: questions, suggestions, tips, or just general support.

Furthermore, we continue updating ourselves as a company and our software—this way we are always on top of everything to provide the best service we can for our clients.

After one year, we are now part of a big organization and together with our legal group of experts, we keep growing exponentially. Our main goal is to help you secure your identity and your content online.

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