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Personal content protection is for everyone who has an account in any kind of social media platform. What for account you ask? Well, we are talking about a Facebook, twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, e-mail, everything that’s digital. Nowadays we find ourselves fighting for our own identity because we know how easy it is for it to get stolen. They don’t just steal your name, but your photo’s, videos you post maybe even comments.

What happens when someone does this?
Well, they could use your personal information not only to create new accounts but also to commit identity theft. We are here to help you and stop this from happening. 

man showing photo of him
Side view of unrecognizable hacker in hoodie sitting at white table and working remotely on netbook in light room near wall


There are a lot of ways that people can use your identity. They don’t necessarily just copy or hack your social media, but what happens when there is also a breach to your personal accounts: your e-mail, your bank, your house. Hackers may get your information from social media and use it for their own convenience. 
This is why you need to be careful with your personal accounts and with your identity. You might be a victim of identity theft and not know it yet. 

Let us help you protect what is yours!


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