Why should OnlyFans models protect their content?

A common piracy scenario

Imagine being a model and stumbling upon your own images, videos, and content on various websites. This unexpected scenario often prompts panic, leading many models to rush in search of a DMCA takedown company. Unfortunately, the damage may already be done, with your content dispersed across the internet. Even if one site removes it, another might just host it. This is where Sidenty steps in to assist.

Like most of us, you might invest countless hours in researching the issue. You grapple with the decision to manage it yourself or hire a specialized company. Some companies, like ours, even offer guidance on the process. We’re here to either handle the takedown for you or equip you with DIY tips.

As you embark on this journey, bear in mind that content theft is rampant—a quick path to easy money for some. While you can’t entirely eradicate such practices, you possess the power to take action. Our blog serves as a resource to empower you in navigating these challenges.

Remember, this isn’t your fault. Online piracy is widespread, allowing opportunists to profit from others’ work. It’s a clear example of what we term laziness.


Why you should care about piracy

It’s time to address the injustice—your hard work being exploited and taken advantage of. The battle against these pirates is essential; they must be held accountable, and as models, you deserve fair compensation.

The theft you’ve endured is undeniable. By safeguarding your content, you reclaim not only your creations but also a surge in earnings. The end of leaked content means regaining control, allowing your sales to soar. Imagine the clarity of your earnings without piracy, without others misusing your work.

Isn’t it enticing to truly grasp your fan base’s size?

Now is the moment to halt this infringement. Seize control and assert your rights, taking a stand against this violation. It’s time to confront the issue head-on and demand what’s rightfully yours.

Start protecting your OnlyFans today!