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Sidenty fully understands the significance of course protection. We’re well aware of your limited time to grasp methods of safeguarding against potential theft of your material. For this reason we created our Course Protection Service, to meet your requirements in safeguarding your course material. Our proficient legal team handles all tasks manually and is prepared to assist you in erasing any leaks affecting your business. Upon conducting an examination, we engage in discussions to determine the optimal solution, assuring you that we will spare no effort in securing what holds utmost importance to you. 


Impact on Revenue

Staring a course to share knowledge is rewarding, both intellectually and financially. However, illegal sharing of your course can significantly impact your revenue. Sales decline due to free alternatives, eroding brand trust and hindering content creation. Marketing suffers, while legal costs increase and competition intensifies. To prevent revenue loss, courses should use secure platforms, employ encryption and watermarking, and control access to content. Regular monitoring and takedown procedures are crucial. A proactive approach to course protection will safeguard your revenue and preserve your reputation.


Monitoring illegal course sharing is crucial for safeguarding online education. At Sidenty, our trained professionals oversee social media, search engines, cyberlockers and marketplaces. Detecting unauthorized content through regular searches and automated tools is central to our approach. Additionally, we monitor the dark web and forums for potential infringements. When necessary, our team takes decisive legal action to ensure enforcement. These measures enable course providers to safeguard their intellectual property and maintain integrity. Sidenty is dedicated to protecting the online education landscape and upholding the credibility of legitimate courses. 

Removing Illegal Copies

Sidenty takes immediate action against any website sharing your course illegally. We promptly request removal and issue DMCA notices to such sites. If a website refuses to cooperate, we are fully prepared to take legal action to protect your valuable course content and uphold copyright integrity. Our dedicated legal team will advocate for your rights and ensure that your course remains exclusive to authorized learners.

Personal Dashboard

Experience our personalized dashboard with 24/7 account access. Track content status, sorted by category, and receive weekly email reports on our team’s progress. Utilize the ticket system of inquiries, receiving responses from your personal agent within 48 hours. Enjoy the added benefit of our legal action feature, ensuring these websites face proper consequences. Monitor this process in detail through our portal. We prioritize a seamless, transparent and secure experience, empowering you to manage and safeguard your online courses effectively. Trust Sidenty to support your needs and protect your course. 


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