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Who is Sidenty?

Our company was founded in 2017 by experienced legal professionals, and we have been dedicated to providing exceptional service ever since. What began as a single request for assistance has evolved into a thriving international enterprise with a diverse group of clients spanning the globe. Our headquarters are based in The Netherlands, where we diligently strive to safeguard your privacy.

We recognize that safeguarding access to technology is fundamental to promoting freedom for all individuals. From the developing stages of the Internet, we have been aware of the importance of this responsibility. Therefore, we employ our unwaveringly independent voice to enhance and secure the digital landscape, so you can utilize technology with confidence and peace of mind.

How we can help!

We understand the importance of protecting your intellectual property. That’s why we offer a comprehensive monthly subscription package designed to safeguard your content against the perils of copyright infringement.
Throughout the entire month, our dedicated legal team will diligently search for any unauthorized reproductions, derivatives, or unlawful uses of your creative work.

With an extensive presence across various platforms and more than 200,000 websites, our team will swiftly identify any infringements.
Once we identify such instances, we’ll take immediate action by submitting removal requests to the relevant authorities or content hosting platforms, ensuring that your work is no longer accessible to infringing parties.

We take these matters seriously, and if, for any reason, our removal requests are ignored, our commitment to protecting your rights remains unwavering.
In such cases, we will not hesitate to pursue legal action to rectify the situation and ensure your content is properly safeguarded.

Rest assured, with our monthly content protection package, your creative endeavors will remain shielded, and your rights will be upheld throughout the digital landscape.

Personalized to your needs

Sidenty sets itself apart from the rest. Our service is entirely tailored to your unique needs. Moreover, you’ll gain access to a personalized dashboard where you can track our ongoing efforts and view successfully resolved matters. This dashboard also facilitates direct communication with your dedicated personal agent, allowing you to submit specific requests and preferences.

We prioritize customization and transparency, ensuring that our approach aligns seamlessly with your requirements. With Sidenty, your experience is characterized by flexibility, clear insights, and an open channel of communication to enhance your satisfaction and address your concerns effectively.

Interested? Lets discuss the options!